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Those frustrating situations can be resolved

Do you ever find yourself in situations like the following?


Needing help on a project and would like some assistance, added knowledge and resources.

Wanting to be better organized and to accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Having trouble running your computer or electronics equipment.

Desiring some training or tutoring to help you get past those problem areas.

Proactive Assistance is the solution for those roadblocks you are facing and much more.

Individuals are assisted in accomplishing a variety of tasks that they may be having difficulty getting started or finishing.

The objective is to provide assistance in as many areas as needed, such as Computers, Internet, Technical Subjects and Training.

It is always nice to have someone willing to go that extra mile to help in overcoming those areas that can be frustrating or just difficult. This is what Proactive Assistance is all about, providing personal attention and service.  

For a listing and description of the areas for which assistance is offered, please visit the  Services page. 



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